Google asks for Captcha after *ever single search*


for a few weeks I’ve been getting this issue that every time I try a Google search it asks me for a Captcha.

Anybody else running into this? I’ve been reading some threads of people having the same issue, but none of the fixes have worked for me. It seems to be a recurring issue.

Not only does it ask me for a Captcha every time, the Captchas take minutes to finish because it refuses to accept any of the things I clicked.

I’M NOT A ROBOT, I SWEAR! Please help me, I’m not using a VPN either.

What Brave version are you on ?
What OS are you on ?
Does the same happen in another search engines ?
Does the same happen in a private window / new profile ? (Windows / Mac only)

Having the same issue, just started yesterday. Have used
Brave for the last year. Very frustrating.

This will occur when using a VPN or possibly secure DNS.

I use a VPN and have done for years yet it has just started. It’s a bit weird for a business that promotes privacy to expect users to forego use of VPN!

I’ll have to stop using Brave if it continues

Google will detect a VPN, and display the captcha. Search engines will send captchas when a VPN is detected, testing/checking for bots.

Nothing to do with browser, we can’t stop it. It will occur in any browser. Also annoys me also since I use a VPN. So I know the feeling.

  • Or just searching for “captcha” in r/VPN
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Ok, but it’s also happening on non google searches (no image or vid) just Brave and why now suddenly when the all the time previous to yesterday it didn’t happen?

Ok, checked that out, changed VpN location, problem resolved. Thanks :slight_smile:

It’ll will happen again, changing the IP will only be a real temp solution.

Version 1.51.114
Windows 10
Nope, so far none.

Does this happen when you actively use VPN or occasionally? Because I get this even though I’m not using VPN.

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