Asked to solve recaptcha after every other google search

It’s the unusual traffic error several other users have reported after a google search but I wasn’t able to find any solutions anywhere. I don’t use a VPN, haven’t logged into my google account. Issue NEVER comes up in any other browser. It also happened when I used Brave on my old laptop. It happens after every google search and frankly, I’m beginning to lose my patience

How can this issue be reproduced?
Just search for anything at all on google and you’re redirected to the recaptcha page before you can view the results

Have you tried disabling all extensions to see if one of them is to blame?

Does this happen for hCaptcha too, or only for reCAPTCHA? If only for reCAPTCHA, then I suspect from my own struggles with it, that you may be blocking some required Google cookie or script. In which case, don’t blame Brave, blame big G’s spyware.

You could always try using Buster.

I don’t use any extensions on Brave.
The google searches only redirect to a recaptcha page :frowning: I’ll try the Buster extension you linked to.

I hope it helps. If not, you might want to try experimenting with disabling shields and allowing third-party cookies just to see if that helps.

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