Internet think I'm a Robot when using Brave

Ok, so I found yet another annoying thing with Brave. Everytime i have to do a reCAPTCHA on a site it never ends… it must think I somehow is a bot! If I change browser I do the same reCAPTCHA in 1-2 tries and it then let me trough.
I’m sadly starting to realize that Brave is not a Browser you can use. I like a lot with it… but I’m starting to see to many problems here!

Do you use VPN? If so, it’s normal.

IP addresses of VPN servers often end up used by spammers and they end up on blacklists. If your IP is on blacklist, you get bombarded with captchas everywhere.

So if you’re using VPN or Tor, just disable it and you should be able to surf normally.

Hm nope! Well yes I have VPN but normally not ON. So its not that…

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