Reading ads is not triggering another ad

FYI! Whenever I click on an ad and read it, it usually generates a notification for a new ad. After the notification of another ad appears that is usually when the rewards for the current ad is added to the account. This problem is happening on all 3 Brave search engines. So, I’m reading ads, not getting new ads, and not getting the rewards! If I go to a site on my own it will trigger an ad but once I click on that ad the problem starts again.

@RDB533 I’m not sure where you’re looking at ads, but Brave doesn’t pay you for clicking on anything. This is especially true when you’re talking about ads on search engines.

You get ads from

  • Push Notifications on the device (no clicking, they just have to appear on the notification center of the device you’re using)

  • New Tab Page (Your Dashboard), no clicking on anything. It just will automatically appear when you go to it.

  • Brave News, ad will appear in the midst of all the news articles.

Again, no clicking to earn anything. You only click on an ad if you’re interested in what you see.

Umm, doesn’t work that way. Not sure what you’re seeing.


  • Brave News

  • New Tab Page (NTP) aka Sponsored Image (SI) (you’ll see whole page is ad, but bottom left is usually main part of who it is. So this big one is Brave Wallet ad)

  • Push Notification:


  • Brave News

  • New Tab Page (NTP) aka Sponsored Image)

  • Push Notifications:

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