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FYI! Whenever I click on an ad and read it, it usually generates a notification for a new ad. After the notification of another ad appears that is usually when the rewards for the current ad is added to the account. This problem is happening on all 3 Brave search engines. So, I’m reading ads, not getting new ads, and not getting the rewards! If I go to a site on my own it will trigger an ad but once I click on that ad the problem starts again.

I’ve added a screen shot of a response that doesn’t seems to understand what I wrote.

I start out, obviously, by using the search engine and then an ad notification will pop up. I then click on that ad notification, read it, then usually while reading that ad another ad notification will pop up and so on. When the ad notifications pop up and I click on them and read them, no new ads are popping up and I’m not receiving the BAT rewards for the ads I’ve read.

Using the search engine, getting an ad notification, clicking on that ad notification, reading it and getting another ad notification, then receiving BAT has worked this way since I downloaded Brave a long time ago, has something changed?

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From your description, I believe there is a misunderstanding on how all works.
And the answer you got is correct.

You get rewards from ads distributed by Brave, not from ads you view in webpages. You also do not need to click on the Brave ads to get the rewards. It is pointless to click on ads you see in webpages because they are not related to Brave.
You get Brave ads when you open a new tab, when you scroll down to watch Brave News and by push notifications.

If you are not getting any ad or any reward, one of the following may be happening:
1 - You did not activate Brave Rewards, Brave News or sponsored images;
2 - There are no ads available in your region;
3 - Your profile is flagged.

You can find more information about how it works at the following pages:


@RDB533 Issue is in how I’m seeing you phrase it. You’re speaking as if you’re clicking on ads and that somehow is generating revenue, but that’s not how Rewards works. Also, clicking ads does not create new ads for you.

Now here I see you mention “all 3 Brave search engines.” Brave only has Brave Search and no additional search engine. Also, you don’t get paid for any ads from search engine or website at this time. You only get paid for the ads in the areas I mentioned before, which is in Brave News, your device notifications, or your New Tab Page.

The ad notification itself is the ad. Anything you see upon clicking on it and opening a window is not something you get paid for seeing or interacting with.

Okay, so to be clear.

  • You’re getting ads or you aren’t? (we’re talking Brave’s ads. Not random web ads on the internet)

  • And when you say not receiving BAT Rewards, you’re saying you are not receiving payments?

  • Are you Verified or `Unverified?

If having payment related issues, then as mentioned before, you need to create a Rewards Support Ticket so Brave can help investigate and resolve.

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