Gained BAT for clicking on one AD, but not getting BAT for other ads

I finally started getting pop ups(before it said i received multiple ad pop ups from brave, but didn’t) now they aren’t rewarding per ad view. The first ad I received worked, but all others will not work. So, basically I’m clicking ads and not gaining anything.

@PhoenyxRising Thanks for reaching out! I am just trying to understand the issue, do you mean now you are able to see the Ads notifications on brave, but ads notification received count is not increased in the Ads panel? or do you mean estimated earning is not getting increased.

Please revert back with clarifications.


I keep getting pop up ads that are from Brave, but when interacting with the ad it is not rewarding BAT. So either, brave is letting ad’s through that shouldn’t be, when I have my shields up or they aren’t rewarding for viewing ads from them.

Brave ads pop up as a small white box, now that they finally do pop up. Most of the time they don’t pop up and when you view them, they do not pay out.

@PhoenyxRising Please note, Ads earning is not instant, once you view a Ad Estimated Earning will get increased by 0.0.5 BAT for each Ad (shown in below image). Ads earning payout date is 5th of every month. Your earnings for the ads will be considered for next month.

Hope this will answer your question. Brave Ads and webpage ads are different, brave blocks by defalut web trackers and ads on webpage.

Regarding ads notification popup, would you mind sharing the screenshot, please?


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these are the only things that pop up on Brave. one of them was for hotels. it credited me ad revenue and beyond that none of them credit.

@PhoenyxRising Thanks for the Ads popup screenshot. That looks very different, can you please share the language details set in OS and brave browser? for windows Ads pop up should look like this (shown in below image)


Also, could you share the platform details?


you lost me. If you mean what operating system I’m using, then I am using windows 8.1. My browser is up to date according to the settings. as for platform settings, if you mean the browser settings then i have ad notifications for brave on.

Please explain?

@PhoenyxRising Thanks for the Operating system details, can you please share the Region & Language details from windows 8.1

Also, can you please confirm brave is displayed in which language e.g - is it displayed in English?
or have you set it to some other language?

Please revert back with above two details. I will investigate from my end. Please note shield settings change is not related to accruing BAT for viewed ads. The white pop up notification on windows 8 is not same as windows 10 ads popups. Also as per your above post click on ads popups will not show BAT accrued in Ads panel correct?


It is United States and English.

@PhoenyxRising Thanks! Let me investigate the issue on windows 8.1 and get back to you.

Thanks for your patience!

no problem and thank you for your help!

@PhoenyxRising I have verified the issue in Windows 8.1. I am able to view more than 1 ads on Windows 8.

1st Ad notification:

2nd Ad notification

Ads will be triggered based on the Ads categories available in the Catalog file. For example, If catalog contains 4 categories for your region ( Personal Finance , Technology & Computing , Business and Education ). If you browse any website, if it falls under any of these categories then ads will be triggered.
To verify ads categories available in your region, please check this -


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thank you very much for your help!

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