Does clicking on ads pay more?

quick question,

during ad pop-ups, can we click on them to get more rewarded, like intentionally making it a PTC feature. Or is payout the same as just dismissing it, Thanks for letting me know. <3

Nope. To actually quote from the Brave Ads FAQ

In the initial Brave Ads release, users receive BAT for viewing the ad notifications. In future releases, users will be able to earn additional rewards for engagement events within the ad tabs. Brave does not reward users for clicking on the notifications. Brave’s position is that users should only click on ads that they have a genuine interest in engaging with.

They still haven’t changed anything where we need to click. All that needs to happen is for us to let the notification appear on the device and to make sure our IP & Locale are the same.

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As already commented above, the answear is No.

However, if you constantly close the notification it will trigger the dismiss mechanism and ads from that campaign won’t appear in the next couple of days.

So, if you can’t live with the notification hanging for 60 seconds or so, I advise clicking instead of closing.

There’s another minor point to be considered… Although having no related earning value, “click”/“dismiss” actions are treated as separated events by the browser, so they’ll demand reconciliation too. If your browser is full of “failed_confirmations” on the queue, having these events won’t be helpful, otherwise it won’t matter.

PS.: The only ad type that demands some activity is the Inline Content Ad (Brave News). If you pass through them too fast it will be only counted as “served” not “view”, thus no earning, but your limits will be affected.

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