I click on ads but nothing happens

So I get ads popup. they slide in on the bottom right. but i click on them and nothing happens. In windows 7 I went to the web page, but in windows 10 nothing happens. Obviously popups are allowed or else I would not see ads right? Dont know where to look to fix this.


You don’t have to click on ads in order to receive BAT for them. They just have to appear in your notifications, and your Brave Rewards account is credited immediately (in estimated pending rewards).

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Are you sure? because I have been running brave for a while, getting ads by the boat load and yet I have .18cents in bat. does not sound to me like “just popping up” nets a reward.

The amount of Ads you get depends on the campaign. You can find out the exact value of each Ad you see in your region here → https://sampson.codes/brave/ads/my_region/


On your windows 10 device, are you seeing the notification Ads? Is the issue you are experiencing that when you click on the Ads, you dont get redirected to the campaign website?


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