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I know this topic has been discussed; however, previous discussions on how to resolve this problem refer to an older version of Brave (e.g., the appdata%/brave/session-store-1 location is not applicable here–I don’t think). I had over 100 [important] tabs disappear after a recent crash. When I open brave, there is no option to recover previously closed tabs. Are these saved somewhere? Does anyone have a remedy for this other than going through the history? Some of these tabs have been opened for several months.

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@wlryan After browser crash, when you launch the browser you might have got Restore tabs popup option to restore the tabs from the session where the browser was crashed. Suppose if you have dismissed the Restore pop without clicking on Restore option, all the tabs with the old session are gone. You don’t have any option to restore old session back (where the browser was crashed).

You have a second option to restore tabs is from History.


I always have at least 3 Brave windows open, each with about 10-15 tabs. If I open too many tabs, Brave goes wonky, flashing on and off, and if I don’t manage to close a couple of tabs in time, it crashes. Then I restart, I get the Restore tabs message and click it, and only one of the 3 windows gets restored. So I’ve lost about 20 tabs. This has happened several times. It’s almost impossible to get them all back, as some of them have been open for months. Lately I’ve taken to storing the links for all the tabs in a document – a rather low-tech solution.
I’m always running the latest version of Brave, since I’ve usually had to restart it in the last 24 hours.
Windows 10

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