Last open tabs aren't restored on restart

During the past few weeks I noticed that the tabs that I had opened when I shut down my computer, when I restart the only tab open is the “New Tab”. The “Recently Closed Tabs” option is empty. This does not happen with every shutdown/restart, but I have not been able to find a pattern of when it does or does not happen.

could you go to brave://settings/getStarted and change the setting to open new tab and then have it changed back to start where i left off


Hello @Pendragon77, is this still an issue for you? If this happens again, by pressing Crtl + T you can restore the previous tabs open. If you want to to see the tab history, please read:


Yes, it’s still an issue. Just yesterday I turned on my computer and Brave opened up with no tabs at all.

  • Pressing CTRL-T only opens the last tabs that I personally closed, not the ones that were recently open but did not reopen.
  • the pages are in History, I can find them there, but that won’t work properly. The recently opened tabs are often way down in the history list, not at the top.

That’s already the setting. That’s how I always want it, from immediately after installing.

Nope, those aren’t there.

Hello @Pendragon77, are you using any extension? If so, please try by disabling them and let us know if this is still an issue. Regards.

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