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I always have two windows open, each with a couple tens of tabs. I’ve set Brave to ‘continue where I left off’ whenever I open it, and it always opens these two windows with all these tabs.

However, today it only opened one window with familiar tabs. The other one, including all tabs is completely gone, and as I didn’t access/refresh every single tab in the window yesterday, I can’t find them in the history as easily.

Reopening closed tabs did open some tabs I closed yesterday, but not the tabs I was looking for. It’s a bit weird since it did open one of the windows correctly today, but the other’s nowhere to be seen.

I’m wondering if there’s a way for me to get them back that doesn’t require looking for hits for every single website I had open in the past few days? Or maybe a way to avoid this in the future?

Windows 8.1, Brave 1.1.21.

When this happens, do you not see an option in Settings --> History that shows a group of tabs that can be re-opened?

Thanks for the reply! There was nothing under recently closed, or at least, none of the missing tabs.

However, yesterday when I opened Brave after booting my computer, this window and all its tabs re-appeared alongside my other windows. Very odd, but not that I mind!
I wonder how this could have happened?

Thank you so much for helping with this wonderful article.


You may enjoy the peace of mind you have from adding a tab session backup extension to Brave. There are a few that work well. I use Tab Session Manager, but have also used Session Buddy with success.

It helps when I forget I had a pop-out window open last, or if the browser forgets (rare).

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