How to restore last session window with open tabs?

Re restoring last session window with open tabs after a crash, closure, or restart… I usually get a message allowing me to select ‘restore last session’, but this time I didn’t. How can I restore last session?

On PC? Ctrl+shift+T
On Mac? Cmd+shit+T

@bristynishat I replied your post in Can you help me please check for my response there

I am only asking about the Brave browser tabs… Not any other windows.

Try the commands first and tell me the result.

What I sent was how to recover the brave browser tab

I see. That does work for the current session, thanks. But I was/am trying to restore the session before my PC restarted (upon first opening another window/session).

Your welcome but you could search through browser history if you have too

True. I was just hoping there was an easier way, because I don’t even recall all of the different subjects I was researching. Appreciate it.

To ensure that Brave opens (or asks you to open) your previous tabs, check Settings --> On Startup and ensure that Continue where you left off is selected here:

Also, you can check your history to view your most recently viewed tabs:

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