Wallet restauration

Guys, I reinstalled brave completely and now I can’t withdraw my bats because my wallet is not logged in, i didn’t backup and I don’t remember receiving a wallet seed, can someone help me?
Much aprecciated.

Hi @Caio Welcome to Community!
Can you confirm if you meant Brave Rewards (brave://rewards/)? Or do you mean you had BAT in your Crypto Wallets?

If you meant brave://rewards/, was your wallet connected to Uphold?

I mean Brave Reward. Maybe I explained it wrong. My uphold account is connected, I am verified and when a click on withdraw I get redirected to uphold and nothing happens and I thought maybe is because I don’t have my crypto wallet logged in. Thanks fo the reply!

Well, the reward are not related with the crypto wallet.

To get your rewards from the previous pc, you must go in brave://rewards/, click the engine in the blue part, and there’s an option that’s called like “security copy”, and you will also see the recovery part, from the old pc you will make the process to make the copy, which will give like a seed, and in the new one you will make the process of recovering.

Two things before you do that:

Here is where I’m telling you. In the blue part at the right, the engine. (But I think it’s better to wait the moderators @eljuno or @Mattches to answer, because there could be something they know that I don’t)

Can you confirm your version number? (brave://settings/help)
Can you also confirm you have a verified Uphold account and that it was connected to your previous wallet?

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I am verified.
And I can’t confirm if confirm if it was connected to my previous wallet.
I just want to withdraw and it’s not working.

I don’t care about my previous bat, i didn’t had any because I had it on uphold already, now, when I click withdraw I just get redirected to this page and nothing happens.

did you format this machine?

I’m just wondering if uphold maybe treated your new brave installation as a new device

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