Wallet restore isn't working

My old computer recently stopped working so I bought a new one. I had over 200 BAT tokens saved in Brave browser wallet. I have tried restoring my wallet on my new computer with my wallet recovery key but it isn’t working. I am on windows 10, auto contribute is turned off.

I’ve looked at some of the other topics on this board and I can’t find a solution. What should I do?

Did you have an Uphold account connected? See Common Rewards Issues (Work in Progress)

Thanks for the reply. No I didn’t. When was this Uphold stuff brought in? I never even noticed it before. I have just read the link you gave me and it seems I can’t even get my BAT back?

I would highly recommend verifying your wallet(s) w/Uphold for this. The reason you’re not seeing the backup restore all your tokens is likely due to the fact that we’ve changed the way BAT tokens are distributed and older methods of restore will only work in certain cases. That said, verifying both wallets w/Uphold will Sync that wallet data so that you can access and add to your tokens on your new PC.

I restored my exodus wallet using a simple recovery code. If that’s good enough for exodus I can’t see why it isn’t good enough for brave. My exodus wallet obviously had a lot more money in it.

Does this mean my bat tokens are lost?

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