Pending balances



When the pending balances will sent out to my uphold wallet ? I’ve already KYC on uphold wallet and what’s next ? And last question,i have 6 confirmed referral but i just get BAT worth 4 refferal ($20).Please help



Hi @kmkzzz,
Like mentioned on your screenshot, payout happens automatically around 8th of every month.

For referral, it may because Brave not process the last 2 referral.


You may receive your remaining two referrals in the next payment period. Or, it could be due to fluctuations in BAT value. Note that the BAT equivalent of $5 USD is taken at the time of download for your referral links.


Thanks for answering :slight_smile:


go to : View statements
and see how much refferal download is counted and the value of each confirmed download