BAT not credited to uphold


Hi I have 14 confirmed downloads for more than a month now and the dashboard says payment is transferred monthly to uphold wallet. Its more than a month since the downloads are confirmed and still no payout. Please help me out and initiate the payment

Please let me know why is the payment not made and when will it be made.


cc @asad and @LaurenWags for info.


@mjm295 I have the same inquiry. @LaurenWags and @Asad should be able to help you with this.


in the same problem like you i hope we will see a response for that from the team of BAT


Lets wait for their reply


This is all of the information I have at this time regarding a payout this week:

cc @asad for further information/investigation.


@LaurenWags I do have 14 confirmed downloads. So will the payment reach me by the end of the week for those 14 confirmed downloads?


@Asad @LaurenWags The brave publisher page says the tokens are transferred to uphold monthly. It’s may 1 today and it should have been transferred as it is of last month. Please try to give me exact time that will take to deposit my tokens in uphold.


Same problem, BAT funds no transferring to UPHOLD, 2 months with same problem, I have funds on my brave publishers account and they are not transferring to uphold, is there any solution?


I have the same problem.
In “Brave Payments” i have 253.65 BAT, but in uphold only 66.54 BAT
too in the history balance of brave payments i have 266 BAT


I am expecting a reply from concerned person. I just need to know how much time it will take for BAT to credit in my uphold account.


@Asad we’re all waiting for your response. :joy:


Hello everyone,

Brave Payments is dealing with some minor service maintenance and fixes so it’s likely causing these bugs. Bear with us! Everything should transfer over properly once we’re up and running again.

Asad @ Brave


@Asad It’s great to hear from you. Let’s wait till everything gets fine.


@Asad thank you for your reply. I hope this issue gets fixed soon.


@Asad What is the status now? We are waiting as it’s 5th day of new month already now.


@LaurenWags @Asad Please tell us if this is going to take another month. Yes there must be some problem but you can reply to us at least.


@Asad @LaurenWags Any update? Anything?


any update @Asad its 7 may , we don’t want to wait the end of may to receive money!!


hi @mjm295, @tajernabil,

You won’t need to wait another month, don’t worry! We appreciate your patience. I will escalate this a little and let you know one I have some more updates.