Randomly YouTube/YouTube Music takes a long time to load!

Before I begin, this is a different issue from what we have been hearing about Google knowingly slowing down other browsers in YT.

So, here’s the issue-

I am having this issue with Brave Browser randomly. Sometimes, it is YouTube and sometimes it is YouTube Music. It takes a long time to start loading.

Here are a few things to note-

  1. I do not face issues with any other sites. And I can even access YT Music when YT is not loading normally and can access YT when YT music is loading slowly.

  2. Clearing cookie for YT/YT Music (not the one which holds account session) fixes it instantly.

  3. I have tried it with and without Shield. I also have YouTube Premium.

  4. I can access the same site in Edge and Firefox instantly and never had the same issue there.

  5. I only have Bitwarden extension and have already tried disabling and testing.

How to reproduce?
It is completely random, so I can’t really tell you any method to reproduce it.

These images might be useful-

I am currently running Brave v1.60.118 on Windows 11 22H2 (22621.2428).

So, nobody have any clue about this?

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