Browser slow loading pages

Hi, im using Windows 10 on my desktop PC. 16GB ram

While im playing a game( Raid Shadow Legends) in the background; ive notice that when i go to my browser to open a webpage like Google, Facebook, Youtube, or any page at all; it takes very long to load/open.

Ive tested other browsers- Opera, Microsoft edge, Firefox, Google Chrome, and Vivaldi- they all preform fine and open webpages at a decent time even when my game is playing in the background.

Ive done almost everything suggested to fix the problem- turned off hardware accelerator, tested it with no extensions, tested it on new profile and private page, tested it on the Brave test browser, and installed/reinstalled- no fix.

Its obviously the game that is slowing down the Brave browser, but why does this happen on Brave and not on other browsers ive tried?

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