A lot of the time, youtube loads endlessly

I go onto youtube.com and it seems to load endlessly (for me atleast) I tried reinstallation,
It didn’t work. this happens to me a lot and not just with shields up! it doesn’t work with shields down either. And no other chromium browser does this.

Hi @708172ad657e98b322fd, what Brave version and OS are you using?

Windows 10, Brave version 1.42.48 Chromium: 104.05112.81

Do you have any extensions installed in the browser at this time? Additionally, if you view Youtube in a Private browsing window, do you also see this same behavior?

No, I don’t have any extensions and Private windows aren’t affected.

So YT works without any issue when viewed in a Private browsing window? If so, I would try clearing YT browsing data and then test again.

  1. Visit Youtube.com
  2. Click the lock icon
  3. Click Site settings
  4. Then Clear data

Refresh the page and try again.

Thanks! I’ll see if this works! (EDIT) It worked!

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@708172ad657e98b322fd Happy to hear it!