Youtube not loading - Brave browser

Recently Youtube has started not loading and it is not accessible at all. This started happening recently with the new Brave update and the introduction of Leo, so I am wondering if there is an issue with the new update and it prevents me from using YouTube properly.

(it’s like the website is down but I can access it from my phone so that’s not it)

I have tried restarting, updating components, creating new test account, an incognito mode and it still does not work. I thought it might be Youtube playing tricks with adblocks because sometimes YT works ok and sometimes this issue happens and it cannot be used for hours

I have not installed any new extensions or anything else and it does not load. Does anybody else experience this issue and do any of you have a fix?

Working as expected here. Do you see anything telling in the F12 > Networking log?

Sometimes opens like this on my PC as well and refresh fixes it. However, I do have issues with video playback more often. Video loads indefinitely and won’t play. Then I open stats for nerds and see that video isn’t being loaded at all. Refresh doesn’t fix this issue though. I tried to figure out why it happens, but was unable to do so. Stats for nerds just say there isn’t any network activity there.

I don’t think that’s the issue why it breaks. It has been working fine until recently🤔

What is weird that I tried a different browser and it is not loading as well. Is it YT doing tricks or something or could it be something from my side?
That’s a screenshot from YT’s console on Chrome

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Could be, YouTube is known for this.

Android moto g73. I find after about a week of watching YouTube it starts showing wrong, things overlap and the buttons become obsured into strange symbols then eventually all text disappears, if I force stop, clean cache and data it gives me a clean brave and YouTube works again for a few days.

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