YouTube loading extremely slow / not loading at all when signed into google account

Hey there, so its been a couple hours now that I got this issue and I can’t seem to fix it.

To put it simply whenever I use my brave browser now and try to watch YouTube videos its extremely slow stopping every 2 seconds to load or not loading at all on 1080p and above, if I go with 480p it works more or less.

Now if I sign out of my google account and go to YouTube I can watch 4k videos without having to wait for it to load but as soon as I sign back into my google account it’s super slow and on 1440 or 4k literally unwatchable as it loads for a good 30 seconds in order to play 2 seconds and then go on another loading screen.

I’ve already cleared my cache, cleared my cookies, updated brave itself but nothing fixed it. The YouTube support sadly just said to use Chrome as its their official partner and supposedly Brave has some issues, which I never had any before.

I don’t know how its a thing that when I’m signed in I can’t even watch 1080p but the second I log out I can watch it in 4k without a second of it loading, does someone else have this issue and if so do you know how to fix it ? I been using chrome for the last 2 hours and its super annoying.

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Can you please test this behavior (in Brave) in both a Private browsing window and then also in a fresh profile and tell me if you get the same results or if the videos stream normally?

Hey @Mattches thanks for the quick response,
I’ve tried it in a private browser and it worked weirdly enough, with a fresh profile I don’t know how to do that as I don’t think I even created a user till now to create this support ticket.


In the browser you can go to Menu --> More tools --> Add new profile to create a new profile. However, given that it works in a Private browsing window, it may no longer be necessary.

First, do you have any extensions installed in the browser at this time? If so, please try disabling them, then test the behavior again. Also, you say:

Did you clear all your cookies/cache data from your browser or just from Youtube/

Is there any way to import all of those extensions ? I got lots of wallets and other stuff on brave and it would take me hours to import all of it again.

Also I just tried youtube again with my normal profile and somehow it works now I did not change anything since I opened this support ‘‘ticket’’ so I have no idea what caused this

So to confirm, in your original profile, everything is working as intended?

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