Quick switch between search engines


I would like to be able to quickly test the search results from different engines. And a drop down list button that is right next to the url bar would be very useful for that. The lack of function like that is the reason i don’t use alternative search engines as much as i want to, and i am still stick to the default - google. Because every time i want to view different search results i have to go to the options … and then back again … I still use google as a default, because it has features like dates of the pages but i would like to be able to explore different search results, and a feature that would allow me to quickly switch between search engines would be very beneficial.

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Have you tried Keyword search?

No and i will be using it from now on, but i think it would be a bit more intuitive if you can press the search engine icon and change it from there. Most people would not know about the key word search.

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Agreed. Since it’s posted in request category, I’m sure Brave will consider this if it’s have enough upvote.