Quick switch between search engines


I would like to be able to quickly test the search results from different engines. And a drop down list button that is right next to the url bar would be very useful for that. The lack of function like that is the reason i don’t use alternative search engines as much as i want to, and i am still stick to the default - google. Because every time i want to view different search results i have to go to the options … and then back again … I still use google as a default, because it has features like dates of the pages but i would like to be able to explore different search results, and a feature that would allow me to quickly switch between search engines would be very beneficial.


Have you tried Keyword search?

No and i will be using it from now on, but i think it would be a bit more intuitive if you can press the search engine icon and change it from there. Most people would not know about the key word search.


Agreed. Since it’s posted in request category, I’m sure Brave will consider this if it’s have enough upvote.

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I cannot understand why this has not been addressed for over two years.

The keyword search instructions make no sense. To repeat “have you tried “keyword search”” every time the improvement is requested, is a booger flip. It sends the message “my way is better, I don’t want to consider another way, go away.”

Why are you so resistant to add the same function Firefox and Chrome offer, which is a simple dropdown in the address bar that lets one select a preferred search engine from all those the browser has been told to recognize?

Some people aren’t shortcut users.
Some people can’t use a keyboard as efficiently as a mouse.
Some people with physical limitations could use the additional option.
Thank you.

We do understand that this is a desired feature and suggesting one use the keyword search isn’t us (or anyone) saying “this way is better” or “this is good enough”, it’s simply offering an alternative method to use in the meantime before the feature is implemented.

That said – we get hundreds - thousands of feature requests every month, all of them saying (in some form) the exact same thing: that the feature is “easy” to implement and that we should offer it because [some other browser] does. We would love to be able to push every requested feature and fulfill every request users make but unfortunately that’s just not how it works. Every change to the browser – even minor ones – takes a lot of work, especially when it involves major changes to the UI. Spec docs, design mockups, meetings, testing, refactoring – it’s not as simple as it may appear from the outside.

We intend to add more features and make Brave more accessible for everyone as we move forward and hope that we can meet as many needs as we can. We appreciate your patience and understanding :slight_smile:

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