Multiple search engines in search bar

Brave has the feature to change your default search engine, like most search engines do.
But what if you’re using multiple search engines for multiples utilities? Let’s say you’re using Bing to search for pictures, while Google gives you better news searches.

It would be useful if I can search for pictures on Unsplash or another website in the same bar where I can enter my default searches. Going to a search engine’s website first, then entering the search query, is not convenient.
This can be integrated in multiple ways, for example:

  • @Google weather brings you to a weather search on Google, where @duck weather (or another short hotlink created by the user) brings you to DuckDuckGo with the same search query. Entering a normal search query would bring you to the default search engine.

  • In the address bar are multiple accounts resembling the setup search engines in the browser. When entering a search query, you can click on the icon of the search engine you want to complete your query with.

As a good example, take Firefox’s approach. In their browser, you can add any search engine you’d like (even Zalando), so you can search with any engine you’d like from the address bar.

Please note, this is not about extensions/plugins!


Not exactly the same but similar functionality.

Did you try “keyword search”?


This Search Engine has got it all. #Presearch

You can then pick any search provider.

I think that Brave should contact them and make Presearch the default Search Engine in the fantastic Brave browser! :slight_smile:


Hey, I don’t know if you’ve already figured it out, but in the settings you can find the search engine keywords, etc…For example if you want to search with Google you can use :g on the url bar, or for DuckDuckGo :d or you can add your own shortcuts as well. Hope this helps.

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It doesn’t work on mobile, on android i can choose only preset defoult search engine. Got choosen duckduckgo, and when i want search something on google i.e. arch wiki in search bar i put :g arch wiki but it serch exacly what writen, so i got results of :g arch wiki but still in duckduckgo… (Ddg found exacly what i was looking for, no need to use google instead, but that’s not the point)

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