Quick search engine swap

I would love to be able to swap which search engine I’m using much easier than going into the settings. When on the new tab page, theres a little emblem showing which engine you are using. I think it would be useful to make it so that when you click the emblem, it lets you switch which engine you are using. Personally I would like it to just be a temporary switch, just for that search, but I’m sure it could be a setting or I would be fine if it permanently switched it.

My reasoning:
I love DuckDuckGo for the privacy of knowing I’m not being tracked or anything, but I still find myself needing/wanting to use Google for their useful features in the engine.

-When I search for sport standings or scores, google has live scores, a clean and useful interface for news, standings, etc. DuckDuckGo has none of that and I often find myself searching google, then searching the sport information I want.
-Sometimes i feel DDG has some weird algorithms in searching and I cant find things i want so i just go to google to search it

Hi @daiv,

Thanks for the request! This would be handy functionality.

Did you try the “keywords” feature, yet? https://support.brave.com/hc/en-us/articles/360017479752-How-do-I-set-my-default-search-engine-

Didnt know that! Now i can just do “:g” and do this much easier. I would still like the feature but this helps alot

Why don’t you use a quick website search from the address bar?

Let’s say DDG is your default search engine, great, when you type, you search. But now, you want to use Google, because let’s face it, sometimes it returns better results, so if you searched Google before, you will have Google’s custom search engine already added (just like Chrome does it), so now you will need to write only “goo” or whatever will match google.com and immediately when you see it matching hit TAB, write your search phrase, hit ENTER and it will open the search result.

Same works for pretty much any website with the search function (if you use it at least once). This thing literally is the reason I just cannot leave Chromium (Chrome and now Brave). FF users would have to add every single website as a custom search engine manually and even then they have to manually switch it like you portrait in you first post, soooo laaaaame.

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