Search Engine Toggler

On a new tab, on the search/URL bar, there’s the search engine logo, it would be nice to switch between favourite search engines using that button.
For example, I Use google to search for shopping stuff, but I prefer Brave search for general search… and maybe sometimes duckduckgo for funky stuff…

@OatLion I get that you’re asking for a clickable option, but I just wanted to make sure to also let you know that there’s a typable option if you’re unaware. You can go to brave://settings/searchEngines and you’ll see a list of search engines, can add search engines, etc. But part of what you’ll see are shortcuts that can be made, which others often call bangs.

So :g would toggle to search Google. :br would change it to search Brave Search. The list goes on. You can change the keyboard shortcut to anything you’d like it to be. I know some prefer things like!g or whatever.

Settings - Manage search engines and site search - Brave 4_1_2023 16_59_13

So if you weren’t aware, wanted to let you know about that. It’s at least a step in the direction that you’re requesting. But otherwise I get what you’re asking, so can just dropdown box type of thing to change Search instead of typing in something in front of it.

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Indeed I didn’t know that! that’ll work fine Thanks for pointing it out to me!

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