Change Search Engine without going into settings (Click Search Engine in address bar)

In the search bar at the top, it shows the DuckDuckGo icon to let us know which search engine is being used. It would be great if you could click that icon and switch the search engine without having to go into settings. So if i don’t find a result I’m looking for, i can just switch right there to another search engine and it will search there instead.

Thank you for reaching out!
You can actually already do this by way of “keyword” searches:

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I did not know you could do that. For those that are not immediately aware of that function, being able to click the icon and change the search engine would also be handy. If you could simply change the default search without going to the settings simply by clicking the icon and choosing a different one. Going to the settings to change it seems like a lot of unnecessary work, especially when clicking the icon already does practically nothing. Would still like to see the option available at some point in the future.

Appreciate the feedback but I believe this methodology is actually faster :man_shrugging:

Not suggesting that we replace the present method with my suggestion. Suggesting to add it alongside the other function. And that way doesn’t actually change the DEFAULT search engine, which my suggestion would. I’m asking to make it so you can change the default search engine simply by clicking the search engine icon, instead of just having a wasted icon there that does nothing when you click it. If I want to do MULTIPLE google searches when my default is DuckDuckGo, i would have to type those extra characters each search, instead of just being able to toggle back and forth.

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