Search icons to change engine quickly

Hello, I am used to using Firefox as my main browser and they have a nice feature I’d like to request for Brave. In the URL/Search bar, when you type a term or something to search for, in most browsers you simply press Enter and it does a search using your default search engine. I switch engines a lot throughout the day and Firefox has this nice feature where when you are searching for something, at the bottom of the search box, there are icons you can press to search with a different engine than your default. I find this quite nice as I don’t have to change my default engine or go to the main search website.

I believe that anyone as a power user can greatly benefit from this nice quality of life feature.

I am requesting this feature on the desktop section but it would also be nice to get it on Android as well.


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Have you tried “keyword search”?

The “keyword search” is a nice feature but not quite what I’m looking for. I find the other method easier and faster and also when I do the keyword search, it seems like it changes my default engine to the last keyword search used instead of going back to my true default for my next search, so I have to now enter a keyword just to use my default search engine.

Sorry, apparently it changed my default search engine to something new I added. I’m guessing since I’ve fixed that, it shouldn’t change it again. With this said, I still stand by my icon options near the search box.

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The keyword search instructions make no sense.

Why are you so resistant to add the same function Firefox and Chrome offer, which is a simple dropdown in the address bar that lets one select a preferred search engine from all those the browser has been told to recognize?

Some people aren’t shortcut users.
Some can’t use a keyboard as efficiently as a mouse.
Some people with physical limitations could use the additional option.
Thank you.