Quick question about having brave on two phones


I have brave on my iphone and now on my android and was wondering how to link them to the same rewards total.

I connected my iphone to my uphold wallet for rewards but on my android it says I need to get a certain amount of BAT before I can verify.

Can I connect my android to the same uphold wallet? Do I still have to wait until I get a certain amount of BAT?

I see something that says “sync”, does that connect my phone’s for rewards?

I don’t really care if the content is synced… I want the rewards to be synced, but if the same process does both then even better

Any help would be great.

Thank you

iPhone’s Brave Rewards have been phased out - you can no longer earn any Brave Rewards on iOS. Brave has provided a process to transfer out your BAT from iOS, but note that many users are reporting missing BAT when transferring.

Android requires 25 BAT to connect. If you feel that’s too much BAT, you can try creating a Brave Creators account, and tipping/donating BAT to your own Creators account.

This can cause you some trouble, so do it at your own risk.

The ToS explicitly said that self-donating grants is not allowed, but said nothing about credit.

The Brave developers, knowing well how flawed the 25 BAT limit is, and how this is the only workaround, have refused to comment on its permissibility. Anyway, they get a 5% (iirc) cut out from donations, which i can imagine they’re all too happy to pocket anyway.

So android won’t even ask me to link my uphold until I get 25BAT?

So I just have to wait till I get enough rewards and then it’ll give that option?

That’s fine but I just want to make sure all my usage isn’t going to waste ya know?



Alternatively, there’s the self donation option, but use it at your own risk.

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