How do i transfer my rewards from brave wallet on android?

Since i installed this browser months ago, i cant figure out how to withdrawal my bat. on the browser it shows 28.8 bat in my wallet, but there appears to be no way to access that or transfer it, and trying to sync brave with a pc is basically not possible it seems. i have the uphold app installed, and a wallet on it, but they dont seemed to be connected to each other and brave doesn’t tell you how to do that.

this should not be that complicated.

Same issue here
If they tell us how to do it will be great.

Make sure you’ve the latest version of Brave. And click BAT triangle icon at URL bar. There you’ll find Verify button to connect your Uphold account.

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@eljuno can you help me with my issue with the wallet.
I have the reward in the brave wallet but not in my uphold account.
I mention that Is verified .

From what I read in forums here, any previous BAT on Android /mobile that you have will not transfer to uphold. After your uphold verification on mobile is done, going forward BAT should go to uphold wallet on the monthly payment dates.

Another issue could be how many brave browsers you connected to uphold as there is a limit, any added after that limit is reached won’t go to uphold. BAT will just stay in the brave browser at that point , you can use the BAT to tip content creators.

This is the conclusion I have come to reading some forums posts. I could be incorrect .

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