How can I connect brave rewards with android?

Hey, ive accumulated 13bats on my pc and i want to earn bats on my mobile. I downloaded brave from google play, but i dont see any possibility to connect my accounts and it says that i have 0 bats on android.

i cant open an uphold account as i dont have 25bats, so how can i earn on 2 devices simuntainously?

1 Uphold wallet limit upto first 4 devices, You Can do.

but i cant connect my pc brave account to uphold and get veryfied as i dont have 25 bats

also android brave says that i dont have 25 bats.

So in order to connect both devices to uphold i have to earn 50 bats?

I’m mobile phone user so 25 BAT is for Sure and I’m not on PC but I think 5 BAT is the minimum threshold to verify Uphold wallet, you can recheck.

on pc it says that i have to have 25 bats to create and get veryfied on uphoad.

so i cant earn bats on mobile and pc to one brave account? i mean i would have the same amout of bats on pc and mobile

btw how long does it take to earn these 25 bats?

No you can’t sync Both PC and mobile phone BAT simultaneously,
But other stuff like bookmark, password, history get easily sync,
On mobile collecting 25 BATs is tuff task it might take upto 3 months if you browse aggressively and your Region has good amount of ads campaign you can here
But people say in community on PC ads are more frequent then mobile, so might get more ads on PC, it just my raw opinion about PC b’coz I don’t use it :slightly_smiling_face:

okey, thank you
as far as i can see, i got some ads (19?) shown in the link you linked, so only i have to do is to wait to accumulate 25bats :frowning:

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