Rewards in mobile and sending to other wallets

I have been using Brave on my android phone for a few months now, and have accrued about 44 BAT. Id really like to know if its possible to somehow send it to another BAT wallet, or even transfer to my desktop browser. Would be great.

Thanks for any help!

Not possible. For now.

Wallet verification – connecting to Uphold account – is only available on desktop version. Mobile support is coming.


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When you think this might be supported on mobile devices?

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No ETA. But it’s in the plan. Thanks for your patience @Backstage.

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Hi jimmy, I can give a kind of a solution.

  1. find a trusted publisher
  2. ask for a registered channel
    ( it may be Twitter, Youtube, Website, Twitch, Reddit, Github, Vimeo )
  3. donate the amount you have to that channel
  4. ask the publisher to transfer you donated BAT

To be mentioned:
a) agree with the publisher before making donation
b) time-frame is between 30-60 days for donation to be deposited from publisher page to uphold

So here’s my hypothetical thought. I have the same issue - lots of bat on my mobile browser, would love to distribute it elsewhere.

I have a site that is a verified creator site.

Can I just tip myself the entire amount from my android browser??

Is that against any rules?

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