Questions about the VPN service that weren't answered on FAQ

Hello, I’m interested into subscribing to the VPN service. But I want to know:

- Does it currently work on Brave Desktop?
I’ve read that you want to add support to desktop soon but I don’t know if you’re talking about only the standalone software or if that includes the desktop browser.

- Do I have separated IPs for each profile open?
I want to know if I have different IPs in each profile if I have 2 profiles open simultaneously in Brave Browser desktop version.

This is really important because it doesn’t really matter if I don’t have cross site tracking cookies if they can see the same IP everywhere and link everything

- Does the app version (and in the future the desktop version) have a kill switch?
This is essential.

- Does the browser extension have a kill switch?
This would be a huge advantage over the other extensions. I don’t want to accidentally navigate while it is turned off or it was disconnected

- In what country is the VPN service hosted?
Even if you have different servers around the world, the service will be legally based somewhere

- Have you had 3rd party inspection to confirm that you don’t log your clients?
VPNs and other services are constantly getting spotted backlogging information even when they say they don’t. A 3rd party inspection (or preferably multiple 3rd parties) once a year would give you a lot more of credibility.

- Are the VPN app, extension and future desktop software open-source?

- Is the extension, an external extension or is it built in the browser?

Thank you. I use a VPN for years and I’m thinking of migrating.

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Currently, the Brave Firewall + VPN service is only available on iOS and Android devices. However, Brave is fast at work to complete full platform support with desktop as well. Meaning, similar to the mobile device service, you will be able to purchase a subscription within the Brave browser on desktop.

The desktop version is not completed for release yet so the next question is a bit tricky. There are separate IPs for connections in general yes. You can always choose to reset configuration to get a new subscriber credential and start a fresh connection. You can also change your location in the Brave Firewall + VPN settings as well. You can test the IP addresses by connecting and navigating to

We are currently in process of implementing a Kill Switch option for folks but it is not currently released yet.

The company behind our Firewall + VPN service, Guardian, is based in the U.S.

We are working towards initiating a 3rd party audit and greatly understand the importance of this for credibility but have not currently had independent reports done at this time. If you’re interested in some background of how the service works, please check out Guardian’s blog explaining in more detail how we use subscriber credentials here

The service is not open source at this time. The mobile versions are not extensions. They are built into the browser itself and can connect from a toggle in settings in the browser app once a subscription is purchased through Google Play or the App Store.

Thank you!

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