When will Brave create its own VPN service for desktop?

i don’t know why you’re still not adding VPN services for Brave desktop(windows 8.1, 10, 11)

you could partner with(or buy) windscribe and offer discounts for brave desktop users+ add more free locations, remove data limits…etc

The best way to attract users is by offering top tier vpn services, a “Brave VPN” with cool animations would have been indeed good… opera browser has vpn, now there is also itop private browser which comes with their own in-built vpn…

i’m quite sure you’re making lot of money right now, so why not invest money on high quality vpn tech and acquire 5,000+ servers ? (100 for free, 4,900+ other servers reserved for premium)

you could bundle VPN service alongside with brave talk, brave search premium.

i think High quality vpn and in-built screen recorder, smart screenshots features must be built into the browsers (idk why you’re not realizing that and keep working 24x7 mostly on the brave wallet features)

Take a break and work on introducing these features
Now a days, changelogs mostly deal with wallet features, hoping to see something new including refreshes on wallpapers daily (you’re not allowing me to add custom pictures on new tab and you yourself not adding new picutres, this is bad, please add new pictures every week)
thank you


You may get an idea, from the following progress of VPN for the Mac:

This is a 3rd party VPN which brave does not own (VPN functions under Guardian(vpn service) and brave just performs the role of intermediary)

i am looking forward to brave implement their own VPN or acquire windscribe tech(buy the company)

i don’t use any apple softwares/products so this solution isn’t the right for windows users…

Moreover, similar to windscribe & Veepn, there should be few free locations and not forcing premium( windscribe and Veepn has 10+ free locations, plus Veepn provides unlimited traffic which windscribe lacks to offer)

i want something cool from brave, Brave has the money to do it but it feels like they want to play it safe… Currently Brave, No matter how much they say it, it is only privacy focused browser but if they invest money, time, energy to have their own VPN (Just as in the same way of how they want to be independent search engine which they truly control), then brave will also receive the honour of VPN powered browser.

Brave has popularity and users now, so it’s time that they act fast to deliver a browser which is not only private but also helps people by delivering high quality VPN services.


So your topic title should be edited, making it:

‘When will Brave create its own VPN service for desktop?’

Alright, it’s Done :+1:

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