Help us to integrate in support for a VPN feature

As Governments keep on blocking some sites due to their selfish needs or political related interests, the need for a browser with VPN support is very much needed. So, in your road map, also kindly consider adding support for a VPN on your browser.

Thank you



they currently offer vpn but for ios device only for now

and you can use any vpn with the browser till they offer the option for other platform

and have a nice day :slight_smile:

You also have the option to use the Tor network that is already supported, you have it in the menu tab


Thank you for the replies. But do you know any free vpn i can use .

Otherwise it will be a big deal in future if they happen to enable vpn as well

I really look forward to seeing it happen


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How do i enable TOR? Sorry i do not see it

I have seen it but the ability to change location using vpn would be a big deal

Yes, the location in TOR is random, to solve it you must use a VPN like

you can try protonvpn

it offer 5 free server in 3 country

and ofcourse you can try tor also

and for the tor option in brave they use their own relay (server)

and you welcome

its only for desktop, its somewhat on the upper right menu, under ‘new private window’

If you are seeking a free vpn, you will be disappointed. Most advertised, paid vpn’s are bad enough: free would be terrible.

with all respect that not true

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