ETA for Firewall + VPN Release for Brave Stable (Windows)

Is Brave trying to release VPN + Firewall for all other platforms (besides iOS & Android) all at once instead of as they become available? (like is the Windows platform version done but the other platform version(s) aren’t and as such won’t actually be released until all the other non-mobile platform version(s) are finished first?)

Is there some sort of ETA at all?

I'm so hype up for this now upgrade


Brave is in the process of releasing desktop support for all platforms and it is not exactly a matter of one is finished while another is being worked on. The brunt of this project has been implementing a subscription purchasing option directly from Brave that will integrate with multiple devices and platforms so your subscription will no longer be locked to only Apple or only Android as it currently is. Please keep an eye out as the desktop release is still planned for release this month!

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