Hello - is brave VPN + FIREWALL available for mac desktops already? if not, by when can we expect it?

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My apologies for the delay in reply. The Brave Firewall + VPN is coming to desktop soon! We are still in the process of testing these new platforms including Windows/Mac devices. Please stay tuned.

I am on an iMac and looking forward to having the VPN and Firewall.

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Hi guys, just wondering the progress with the mac OS VPN. Many thanks.

Still in work

I would say around 20 July 2022 it will be available on macOS - workable list of vpn

Months have passed… when will this be available for desktop???


Indeed months have passed, and we have been very busy working to bring desktop and multi platform support to folks. This was more complicated than simply releasing a desktop version as we are also introducing a fully customized purchasing option so that folks are able to purchase the subscription without Google or Apple, and they will be able to share the new subscription cross-platform. Please hang tight as this is coming very soon.

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