Question: Brave connections to Uphold

I apologize if I am missing something but I am trying to look everywhere to make sure I am doing this correctly.

  1. First of all, is there any way to check to see how many Brave devices I have connected to my Uphold account? I found this post but I was wondering if there are any updates.

  2. I was wondering how the 4 devices works. I have had multiple devices connected to Brave over the course of even a year and even have restored my devices. Does it just knock out the oldest one and replace it with the one you are logging into using Brave?

I tried finding the answers to these questions across the forums, Reddit, etc., and can’t seem to find the answer, so I apologize if it is somewhere already.

As always, thank you for your help!

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1: No, unfortunately not.

2: The 4 devices is a lifetime limit. If you connect let’s say a laptop and you stop using that laptop, that is one of your 4 gone forever. Once you have used up your 4 devices than that is it, you can no longer receive BAT payments through Uphold. The only exception is if you have been using Brave a long time and you have a 24 word recovery phrase for the Rewards Wallet (note: not the Crypto Wallet!), in which case it is possible to restore a previously verified wallet.

The possibility to withdraw to a Gemini wallet should be coming to Brave soon (early in Q2 is what they are saying), so if you have used up your 4 Uphold wallets just hold on to your BAT for a few months and you should be able to withdraw via Gemini.

Thanks very much for your reply.

I actually do have a 24-word recovery phrase that I have had saved for awhile being I’ve been using Brave for a pretty long time.

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