Can we use same uphold account to multiple devices?

What’s maximum number of devices we can connect with same account? How can we earn more BATs? please reply if you know.

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I heard 4 devices, me myself just have 1 one my phone

4 max device per account

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@iamrony777 What happens if limit exceed

Adding a verified account with your Brave Rewards wallet will give you a warning
and you won’t recieve any BAT from that Device/Wallet

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If you have to reset or replace your phone or reinstall Brave or your OS, it will count as a NEW device.

Uphold limits you to four devices/profiles PER LIFETIME. Even if you unlink a device from your Uphold account, you don’t regain that allotment. Only your first four devices will ever be able to contribute to your Uphold wallet. Brave has no control over it as these are limitations set by Uphold, but Brave is in the process of adding more wallet options (Gemini should be coming soon).

:thinking: really?! I’ll figure it out when that day comes.
Thanks :+1:

Unfortunately, there is currently no way to regain the wallet allotments from the old Brave Rewards accounts, but the Brave team is working on a solution. As I said, Gemini should be available soon.

But whait a second, I have been thinking about this. If/when i get a new phone or if this one brakes, can’t i just login to the uphold wallet on a new device and get access to everything again?

You can access your Uphold account on their Web site, but if you have exceeded the alloted lifetime number of devices, you won’t be able to link the new device to your Uphold wallet or transfer earned BAT to your Uphold account.


Ok i think i get it, thank you very much for answering :+1:

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