Device Limit Reached . i am using only one brave

i am only using one brave still brave is showing that i have reached the limit of connecting devices with my uphold account. I tried removing brave from uphold auth. apps and then reconnecting but that didn’t work.

Did you ever use it in an old device, but now you don’t use it anymore?
Or have you updated/reset your OS??

Yes I used it on my old laptop but I don’t have that.

Just 1 device? You sure that you didn’t use any other ones?

Also, do you use Brave Beta/Nightly?

I was using brave,brave nightly , brave beta & brave dev . Currently i am only using brave

@imnavi22 if you ever verified a wallet using your Uphold account the it will always count for the limit, it doesn’t matter if you are not using it anymore

What should I do now any solution ?

Currently there’s nothing we can do about it, just wait for the Gemini crypto wallet to be added

There is no solution for this.

Wait for Gemini to be introduced or create a new account in Uphold.

Brave Requiring people to fill out yet another KYC at yet another company because Brave can’t figure out how to remove an item from an array and append another isn’t a fix and is barely a band-aid.

BAT is an ERC20 token; they should allow us to just set an address they can send it too instead of forcing us to use only two exchanges where they can get kickbacks from for funneling people there.

And adding Gemini just delays the inevitable because it too has a 4 device limit that you (once again) wont be able to manage. The 4 device limit is on the Brave side of things, and needs to be fixed by them.

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