I was using brave and it said i reached my wallets limit in uphold

I was using Brave, and when I linked my uphold account, it popped up an error saying I reached wallet limits. But after my account was on Brave Rewards menu, and in the payment day, the BATs didn’t come to my wallet on uphold. It says Wallet Verified, 3.5 BAT and the earning from ads, but these are not in my account.
Is this a bug? I need to change my wallet account because I reached the account limit?

Uphold limits you to four devices/profiles per lifetime. Even if you unlink a device from your Uphold account, you don’t regain that allotment. Only your first four devices will ever be able to contribute to your Uphold wallet. Brave is in the process of adding more wallet options (Gemini should be coming soon).

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So I’m using brave, viewing ads and I can’t change my wallet to another one to receive my tokens? Why it says I’ve received 3.5 BAT in my wallet if I can’t link it?

Just to clarify, your Brave Rewards account shows 3.5 BAT, but you can’t link it to your Uphold account to transfer it, correct? If so, you have two options: you can wait until the Gemini wallets are available (later this year) and link your Brave account to that, or you can donate the BAT to your favorite content creator.

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Thanks for replying :grin:
Brave said I couldn’t link, but I tried and then it appeared as if I had linked the account, but my tokens aren’t in uphold. Where are they then? Here are some screenshots:



What does your brave://rewards-internals page show for the External wallet status? (Please DO NOT post your Wallet payment ID or your Wallet address.)

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As you have exceeded the Wallet Limit, the BAT tokens will be stuck in your Laptop/PC Wallet and won’t get transferred to Uphold Account.

You can wait for Gemini to be introduced which will allow you to add 4 more devices and hence redeem your Tokens.

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My partner also have an uphold wallet, can I link her wallet in my Laptop?

Yeah you can, make sure she hasn’t exceeded the 4-Device Limit too

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