Disconnected Uphold from Brave Rewards

maximum devices connected to uphold should be 4 devices. then I disconnected one of those devices.
Will my browser be counted still as connected devices to my uphold account?

Will I still be able to receive BAT if I connected my uphold account to my new brave browser?

please help me!

No you can only connect to 4 device’s

just get rid of the brave browser you have now and download the beta brave browser. they are not gonna fix any issues with this brave browser…i switched to beta and was able to verify my gemini wallet no problem and started getting ads again …even tho you may have bat owed to you just forget about it…i did…it’s been like 2 months now and they still have not addressed any problems with this browser …i totally stopped getting ads with this slow browser…oh and beta is faster than this one!!! Hope this helps!!

even though I already disconnected one device? then connect to a new one, that’s still 4 devices it should work! right?

yes im also using beta hahah, its good.

First four connected devices are permanent device’s , you can’t change them by any means. There is option to remove one device but you have to fill form for that

last question, will I get an error message in connecting another device if I will try to connect my 5th device?

Yeah you will get device limit exceeded message

thank you os much my friend

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