Question about transferring BAT

Sorry if this has been answered already but I can’t find the post.
I’m sure I don’t have enough BAT to cash out yet, but when I will, how do I redeem those? Is there a wallet to download? Is it possible to sell BAT for PayPal, or can I cash out PayPal balance right away?
Thank you, and keep up the great work, I’m loving this browser!

Thanks for reaching out – glad to hear you’re enjoying Brave :slight_smile:
I’d recommend reading through a couple of our FAQs for questions like this:

Thanks for replying! So I can only use BAT to support other websites and/or content creators?

For now, yes, that is the case. We do have plans to implement 2-way wallet functionality, which would enable you to withdraw or transfer funds from you Brave wallet to other wallets/services.

So. When will “2-way wallet functionality” (for browser only users [not publishers]) be implemented/released/activated ?