I want to transfer my token

How can i transfer my BAT token in to another wallet ?

@Royal can you elaborate more? Which BAT? One-liner post is not really helpful for support and troubleshooting.

Sorry for that .
I am new on Brave community.
I just talking about Basic Attention Token

@Royal I mean, which BAT? Did you asking as:

  • publisher » BAT that you received as contribution, or
  • user » BAT in your in-browser wallet (brave://rewards)?

I created my account and received 15 BAT I didn’t know what is the use of them ?

If it’s in the browser, then the use case is to simply visit publishers you enjoy as auto-contribute is enabled.

You may also individually tip publishers as well.

There is no crypto-out method from the in-browser wallet at the moment. :smiley:

Thanks for giving your valuable time.

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