Put focus in new tab

After right-clicking a link to open it in a new tab, please provide an option in Settings to enable the focus to automatically switch to the new tab. As it is now, after right-clicking a link to open it in a new tab, the focus remains in the current tab and user must then click on the new tab to get there. That is an unnecessary extra keystroke.

Thanks for reaching out :slight_smile:
If it suits you, you can also ctrl + shift + click on a link to open it in a new tab and jump to that new tab as well. Doing just ctrl + click will open the link in a new tab without jumping focus.

Thanks for the tip; it will come in handy. But also please consider the feature request overall because having to ctrl+shift is still too many keystrokes to do something that I should be able to control automatically via a setting.

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I agree when using R click and open in new tab because although I usually will use Ctrl + Click, that keyboard shortcut for some reason does not always work and then one is left with the R click option which I use less and then there is no way to have the new tab gain the focus unless one clicks on it. Chrome offers a settings option to shift the focus and as Brave is a Chromium based Browser, it would seem that this would be possible. O/W I am finding that Brave is nice and it is faster than Chrome which is also fast so thus I have switched to Brave as default (although for some reason when getting notifications related to topics in YT those opened in Chrome but maybe after power went out and the computer got rebooted a second time that may change.

Thanks @Mattches!

Click = Opens in current window
Ctrl*+Click = Opens in new tab (in background)
Ctrl+Shift+Click = Open and go to tab
*Cmd for Mac

Maybe a setting could be added to invert the keyboard shortcut for “Open in background” and “Open and go to tab”?

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Brave definitely needs to add a settings option to automatically switch to the new tab when opening a link. Control + shift + click requires too much effort. A settings option is much preferable.