Make 'New Tab' open automatically

I regularly open a new tab from an existing one so that I can go back to the original but I find it really annoying that I have to click the new tab header to see the contents. Surely it should open automatically.

Thank you for posting.
I do apologize but I’m not super clear on the behavior you’re trying to describe here. If you open a new tab while an existing one is opened, the tab should open separately and next to the tab you currently have, either using Ctrl + T (or Command + T on macOS) or by clicking the + icon on the tab strip.


Thank you for your response.

For several years I have used the Mozilla Firefox browser and I regularly open new tabs by right clicking and then selecting ‘Open in new tab’. I have Firefox set so that the new tab opens immediately so I can view the contents.

In Brave, when I right click and select open in new tab I have to click on the tab header before I can view the page. Okay, I only have to do one more click but it seems so silly when the browser could be provided with an option to open new tabs immediately.

At the moment I am inclined to go back to Firefox until there is a change in Brave.

Thanks for your interest.

Indeed. With Chromium browsers, right-clicking and selecting “Open link in new tab” (or “Open image in new tab”) doesn’t automatically focus on them – which is backwards. Using the middle mouse button (scroll wheel button) to open links in a new tab also doesn’t automatically focus on them.

The only thing you can do is use the keyboard shortcut keys [Ctrl + Shift + Left Mouse Button] to open links in a new tab and focus on them. However, this is obviously not ideal and won’t automatically focus the tab if you right-click an image and go to “Open image in new tab”.

I too would like an option like the Firefox about:preferences setting: “When you open a link, image or media in a new tab, switch to it immediately”.

@PDC and @emjayh This would probably have a higher chance of being implemented by going upstream to Chromium and getting them to do it.

That said, I’m trying to look through Github now. It’s funny to see how last year it appears as if someone complained and requested the opposite.

Part of me is tempted to open a Github issue but I know they prefer not to have feature requests there. What I will do is tag @Mattches back on this to see if he might be able to direct us on whether it’s something Brave can look into, if would need to be Chromium, or what? And if Chromium, if Brave can put in a request or what would be suggested to get it in front of eyes at Chromium. (I’m not sure if supposed to be at or if somewhere else)

@Saoiray is correct — this is one of those issues that is going to be different for everyone. Some users are going to want the default to be that opening a link in a new tab should automatically be focused on by default and others will say the opposite. It would be nice to have the option to choose but Brave team will likely want to wait until this option is implemented in Chromium upstream.

Thanks to all who have commented. Seems I will just have to wait in hope.