Automatically Switch to New Tab When Opening Link

Hi Brave Developers,

Automatically opening a link in a new tab and automatically switching focus to the new tab is a basic_browsing_function.

I appreciate mildly that you have provided shortcut keys like CTRL-SHIFT to be able to accomplish this however, I’m usually browsing with a mouse and this shortcut requires me to lean over and actually type on my keyboard. It’s often the ONLY thing I need to reach to my keyboard for. I also appreciate the pretty pictures of new tabs and the metrics and the pinning, blah, blah - I really do, however…

Please add this basic_Internet_browsing_function. Clicking on a link should be 1-CLICK, not 1-click plus 2-keys or, a right-click then a click on open in new tab then another click on the new tab. Of course I want it active - I just clicked on it. I’d like to read it in a new tab so when I close it, either purposely or accidentally, I can go back to my last tab and not close my entire trail of websites I’ve been reading all morning or night or day.

I have been on the Internet since Google only had Usenet groups and I’m telling you - this is one of the most basic browser functions. I was going to switch all my computer and device browsers to Brave (except for when I’m browsing more securely) but this is not only a daily annoyance but a - every_time_I_click_on_a_link_to_open_it aggravation.

It’s like salt in a wound.
It’s like a mosquito bite that doesn’t stop itching.
It’s like nails on a day-long chalkboard.
It’s like a stye in my eye.

It’s making me hate Brave even though I love so many other, not necessarily required features of a browser.

Thanks for listening!
(oh, and if Switching to New Tab When Opening Link IS now available and I’ve missed it then thank you, thank you, thank you and thanks for pointing it out!)


Try middle-clicking a link with your scroll wheel/middle mouse button – this will automatically open any link in a new tab. :slight_smile:

Hey, THANKS @Asad, that does indeed reduce 1 click. I guess I should try the middle/scroll button more often.

I still have to go click on the new tab.

1-click options for url links should be a basic feature for a browser.

Thanks again!


You can also use ctrl + shift + click (cmd + shift + click on macOS) to open a link and switch to it in one click :slight_smile:

Yep, thx @Mattches . :slight_smile:

argh. want. 1 link = 1-CLICK (no exta keys or clicks :slight_smile:


I wholeheartedly agree that the focus should switch automatically to a newly opened tab or, at the least, there should be an option to do it. This is why I never stayed with the Chrome browser and why I settled on using Firefox. Although I like this Brave browser (this is my first time using it), I know I won’t use it regularly unless this option is available. It’s just that much of an annoyance. Thanks for your clearly stated request… I’m also wondering if there may be a 3rd party extension that can accomplish this.

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If you (IMHO reasonably) expect that opening a new tab will (IMHO reasonably) shift focus to that tab, here’s the solution: use a different browser. (Firefox, Vivaldi, …)

Here’s a non-rhetorical question for the folks at Brave: Why / When would anyone ever open a new tab without intending to shift focus to that tab? This isn’t a rhetorical question.

And this isn’t a new request. What’s profoundly and perversely disappointing: in Brave’s Muon version, this was an available option:

Preferences => Tabs => Switch to new tabs immediately => toggle to activate

Somewhen around v0.56.?? the option was deprecated. Which is to say: Brave can (re-)implement this feature.

• No need to write new code.
• No need to test new code.
• No need to debug new code.
• Port the relevant Muon code to Chromium.

I am also looking for such a feature.

See the FireFox add on TabMix plus prior to Firefox Quantum. Slimjet browser has such a feature out of box but it looks like it can not be changed.

I appreciate if the Brave developers can implement some functions of TabMix Plus into Brave.