Adding other devices to VPn account

Hi, I am new to this community, added Brave VPN on my Mac and now want to add other devices like my phones and iPad, but the instructions are vague at best. Can I get some clear simple instruction on how to do that please.

The instructions here are pretty straightforward:

I’ve already purchased Brave Firewall + VPN on Desktop – how do I connect my mobile device?

If you’ve already purchased a subscription to Brave Firewall + VPN on your desktop device, use the steps below to add a mobile device to your existing subscription:

  1. Launch Brave on your mobile device
  2. Visit and log in to
  3. Swipe down and find the Brave Firewall + VPN plan
  4. Tap on the Refresh Brave VPN button

You should now be able to use Brave VPN + Firewall on your mobile device.

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