No option to add devices - trial

I do not see an option to allow me to add other devices via my VPN trial.

Login to brave account on device that you got vpn trial. Then login to brave account. Make sure to open link to login on brave browser on other device. Now i believe there should be some option on

This is just bizzare. Terrible usability by Brave. I did exactly that:

  1. Log into my brave account on the device in which I started the trial (it shouldn’t matter IMO)
  2. Open brave on my iPhone, open Brave, go to my account login, enter my email again, get the link in email, copy it paste it back into Brave (I don’t want brave to be my default on my phone so I copy and paste it so that it doesn’t open safari) and it simply refreshes and takes me back to the login again asking me to enter my damn email again.

Here’s what it looks like when I hold down on the link in my email, it shows this modal in iOS, before I even get to Brave to past it in:

I hold down on the link in that email in order to get options so I can try and copy the link:

I think what is happening is when it shows that modal, it’s actually authing me somehow right then and there (in that preview you can see it’s logged in) and probably by the time I paste it into Brave, it’s expired or something.

This makes no sense. This really should not be this hard. If this ends up being a hassle, I’m just going to say bye to the trial and move onto another vpn service.

Hello @dschinkel Sorry about the delay. If you are trying to connect to the VPN on other devices. Here’s an article to guide you.

yea you’re not getting me. I purchased the plan on desktop and now trying to get it linked to Brave on iOS. The workflow above is the problem, it’s not straight foward. I end up having to set Brave as the default on my iOS device (see above) or else it keeps opening links in other browsers on my phone. And if i try to copy the url from the email for login, it auths me right there when I hold down to try to copy that link in iOS in a modal that instantly shows when you try to copy that link.