Cannot add Brave VPN to iOS

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Detailed description of the behavior:
Cannot add VPN to iPhone.

Brave Premium subscription is active (activated via Desktop).

Desktop VPN is working OK.

No “Refresh Brave VPN” button displayed in Brave Premium account.

@avocado Can you go to on your iPhone and login with the email address you used to purchase Brave VPN on your desktop? When there, take a screenshot of what you see (just make sure to not include the part that shares your email address)

It should be something like below. Either it will show Refresh VPN or whatever…I forget the exact term, otherwise it will be exactly like mine. So in mine, just logging in automatically fetched the information and I was then able to connect to VPN:

The big thing to note though is that this is still broken. Every 24 hours or so it seems to forget that I have VPN credentials and I then have to go through the process again. This is a known issue and something Brave and Guardian are working on.

Btw, you didn’t mention, but which version of Brave are you using?

Also, there are more updates to ios. Are you not wanting to go to 17+? (I’m on iOS 17.0.3)

Hi Saoiray,

I’ve managed to get this working now. Many thanks for getting back to me and apologies for slow response.

I believe can only be accessed on mobile when private windows are not enabled.

Thanks again.