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Windows 11

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When I try to connect my VPN, it has a banner saying, “VPN session expired, please log into your Brave account to refresh VPN session.” Which I did, but when I click ‘Refresh Session’ button on my account, it does absolutely nothing and the ‘Refresh Session’ button is click-able. That did not solve my issue. However, I am still able to connect to VPN on my phone(Motorola stylus G).

Anything I can do?

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@malitent1 This is an intermittent issue they are working to resolve. Just an FYI, you still can enable your VPN through the OS VPN settings. Such as you see below:

Or from your System Tray where you have toggles for wifi and all, such as below:


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What about from Mac Desktop? Same issue. Logged into Brave account and clicking ‘refresh Brave VPN’. The button animates and it finishes, but nothing changes.

Hello, my apologies that you are experiencing this too. Please note the steps below should be applied on a Mac while we try to resolve this on our end.

  1. Click on the Apple in the top left of your screen.
  2. Click on System Preferences and then on Network.
  3. You should see Brave VPN in the list.
  4. Click to connect Brave VPN.